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The golden pig quits old, and the jade rat welcomes the new year. There is always a special sense of ritual, telling us that the new year has begun! Qingyuan Yi met once and brought the most sincere gratitude; a feast that brought together the most glorious glory. On the twelfth day of the first lunar month, Qingyuan Yitong carefully prepared a family dinner for Yitong people to bring everyone together and join the party to celebrate the end of the year!

Evening process:

Fun sign-in-Excellent staff-Leader's speech-Program report-Lucky draw-Group photo

Fun sign in

Fingerprint sign in, super loving! Using Yitong's fingerprints to describe a large leafy tree, it means that Yitong will be lush and flourish like a tree.

leader's speech

With the host's entry, Yitong's 2019 "Thank You and Me for a Better Future" Annual Meeting officially kicked off. In a laugh, Mr. Yitong He and other leaders sincerely expressed their deep gratitude to customers, employees and all the "family people" who trust, care and support Yitong.

Excellent staff

The harvest comes from unremitting efforts, and the results come from the accumulation of sweat! The purpose of this annual meeting is to summarize the achievements made in the past year, plan the development direction of the new year, and reward the outstanding Yitong elites in 2019.

Show report

The lanterns are bright, the singing is loud, the family and friends are full of laughter. At the annual meeting, Yitong carefully prepared rich dishes! Fine wines and fine dining are in a lively atmosphere. Everyone cheered and raised their wine glasses, wishing Qingyuan Yitong prosperity and development, and wishing each other a happy life.

In addition, the programs of this annual conference are exciting and dizzying. The versatile Yitong people have prepared various programs carefully, making the annual conference climax one after another.

Lucky draw

In addition to the performances, exciting banquets were set up in the banquet, and generous gifts were prepared to push the entire banquet to another climax!

For Yitong people, the first fortune of 2020 starts here!

Group photo

In the cheers of everyone, we said goodbye to 2019, harvested surprises and joys, and greeted 2020 with hope and hope.

Finally, the annual meeting ended successfully in a pleasant group photo.

The glorious 2019 has passed, and 2020, full of hope and challenge, has come quietly. In the past year, we have smiled, struggled, and harvested. In the face of 2020, we have not forgotten our original intention and moved forward. Come on, Yitong people! Let's work harder and fight for Yitong's bright tomorrow.

I wish Yitong a hard work and a harvest in 2020, look forward and work out a wonderful world belonging to Yitong people!

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